Astroid Proton Treatment Planning App Receives FDA 510(k) Clearance

.decimal is excited to announce that it has received US FDA 510(k) clearance for its Astroid Proton Treatment Planning application. Astroid is the first commercial planning system built solely for proton therapy.

“By maintaining a tight focus on only proton therapy, our Astroid TPS has been able to be built with a clear, easy to learn User Interface (UI), that is tailored specifically to the unique needs and challenges of proton treatment planning,” says Kevin Erhart, CTO of .decimal. “Couple this laser-sharp focus with the cloud-based, modular architecture of our Astroid platform and you’ve got a system that is truly unique and transformative in the field of proton therapy and even the TPS market as a whole. This milestone is the culmination of the efforts of .decimal staff and those of our clinical partners and we are proud of our efforts to continue to bring to market high tech products that will help lower the cost of proton therapy while improving patient care.”

Planning Dose

What makes Astroid so Unique?

Designed and built for the cloud, Astroid has been able to achieve breakthroughs that are simply unmatched in other TPS products:

  • Multi-Criteria Optimization that is fast enough to be practical for everyday use
    • Explore plan trade-offs in real-time for every patient
  • Data integrity, accessibility, and traceability that only the cloud can offer
    • Never lose or mismanage data again
    • Access and review plans from anywhere on any Windows® device
  • Release management and automated acceptance testing that is simple and safe
    • Stay current with the latest TPS enhancements with minimal manual effort
  • Integration capabilities that go far beyond simple scripting
    • Safely manage, test, and distribute your own in-house tools and algorithms within the TPS platform
  • Flexible pricing models and a system that requires no major capital investments

About .decimal

.decimal® is a precision manufacturer of patient-specific custom beam shaping devices for proton, electron, and photon therapies used in the treatment of cancer. We are also a software development company specializing in radiation oncology treatment planning, dose-based device design, and CT-based range compensator QA. Our mission is to develop products that provide the most effective radiation therapy delivery possible. .decimal is based in Sanford, Florida, and has been in operation for over 30 years. For more information about our company please visit and for more information on the Astroid suite of treatment planning products please visit

Welcome to Astroid

Astroid is a suite of software tools that together comprise a complete proton therapy treatment planning system. Astroid began as a software tool developed in-house at the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, but has since been developed into the first commercial treatment planning system that is exclusively built for proton therapy. Since Astroid does not carry the burden of supporting several types of treatment delivery methods, the User Interface is much less complex and the user experience is much cleaner. By using a Task-based workflow, Astroid allows experienced planners to rapidly become “Astroid experts”. Additionally, the data-driven nature of Astroid ensures that the software captures “user intent”, linking together the entire plan creation process and handling the complex relationships and interactions among the planning data. Whether you interested in our dose-based device design tools for passive scattered and uniform scanned beams or our world-class multi-criteria optimization functions for pencil beam scanning, we know you’ll be impressed with the speed in which you can develop high-quality treatment plans using Astroid.

Our motto for Astroid is “Do One Thing and Do It Well” and we know you’ll appreciate the level of clarity and focus that this mindset has allowed us to achieve in the field of proton treatment planning. Call or email us today to schedule a demo or to learn about how Astroid can improve your proton treatment planning process.